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Just as filthy as I remember. @DOWNLOAD BOOK ⚦ The Secret Life of Nuns ï A prequel to The School of Whoredom, The Secret Life of Nuns is a witty and salacious dialogue between Nanna, and her confidante Antonia Nanna is in a quandary as to what to advise her daughter, Pippa, as she chooses her path in life Should she become a nun, a whore, or a wife In pondering this, Nanna begins to tell of her own experiences as a nun, relating the adventures that ensued as she was accepted and initiated into convent life In subverting the popular literary form of the dialogue, Aretino uses bawdy humor and colorful narrative to expose the human foibles and vice that he saw as inherent in religious life The result is a vivid piece of prose that has endured for centuries Italian satirist and poet Pietro Aretino was one of the most versatile writers of the th century the author of plays, poetry, and letters, he is now principally remembered as the originator of European pornography Part of a trilogy also consisting of The School of Whoredom and The Secret Life of Wives and very likely the filthiest book I ve ever read So far. Nanna and Antonia are prostitutes discussing the youthful adventures of Nanna in a convent Wonderful bawdy comedy written in the 16th century. The man who, while he did not invent pornography, surely invented the pornography business He was my primary research topic for a while, and his work, while maybe not the best stuff ever written, is incredibly important for its inflammatory, anticlerical, anti upper class, nature.