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~EBOOK ☮ Tell Me About the War: A Japanese doctor records the reminiscences of his elderly patients and neighbors ☨ In his Memories of Silk and Straw, Memories of Wind and Waves and Confessions of a Yakuza, Dr Junichi Saga has given us some of the most powerfully vivid portraits of life in small town and rural Japan ever written Using the same distinctive listening and writing method, he created this collection of than a dozen personal stories of the Second World War and the fighting in China and Manchuria leading up to and through it based on the interviews with his elderly patients and neighbors These remarkably detailed reminiscences will take you from the central Pacific to the Persian Gulf, from the Frosty steppes of Northern Manchuria to the Jungles of Borneo, from the front lines to the home front, into the air and on and under the sea Told with a unique Japanese sensibility in which very often the most powerful statements are made by delicate suggestion or by what is left unsaid , these fifteen human dramas should provide readers in the English speaking world with a new look at the war, one seen from the other side and even the most jaded reader of World War Two history will surely discover something new Among others meet Mr Keizo Noguchi, the mechanical wiz who rose up through the ranks of the Imperial Navy to become the chief engineering officer on several I Class submarines during the war including the notorious Iwhich ranked third in most tonnage of Allied shipping sunk Arrested by the GHQ after Japan s defeat, Noguchi was eventually released from Sugamo Prison, saved from possible long term imprisonment or worse by the arrival of a written testimonial sent from the United States by one of the three survivors of the Richard Hovey, a man who had been taken aboard the Ias a prisoner after ship had been sunk Sadao Watanabe, ship s blacksmith turned in flight engineer, Mr Watanabe describes life at the Kasumigaura Naval Aviation base, as well as the many air strikes against Chinese targets Mrs Kikuko Kikuchi, who describes in loving detail the unique Tokyo neighborhood she once lived in before recounting the horrors of the great fire bombing of May ,in which she lost her mother and sisters as the whole area went up in flames Mr Akira Hirohara, who had been a medical orderly at Base Hospitalin the Philippines, describes the hellish conditions inside the old mine shaft his patients had to be moved into after their beautiful hospital had been destroyed in an air strike He then goes on to tell the world for the first time, what really happened to the patients who were too sick or injured to be evacuated from the shaft as American forces approached Mr Tomizo Kakinuma, who describes the old red light district in Tsuchiura and the humiliations of life as a prisoner of war in Borneo And many