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( Download Kindle ) Þ Robotech® the Macross Saga Sourcebook ⚣ The First Robotech War begins when an alien armada enters Earth orbit They have come to reclaim their lost battle fortress that crash landed on Earthyears earlier A vessel Earth s protectors have rebuilt into their own flagship against alien invasion The resulting conflict gives birth to heroes and becomes the stuff of legend Now you can be part of the Robotech saga by creating your own characters and embarking on new missions of your own making Transformable Veritech Fighters known as Valkyries and giant combat mecha called Destroids are among Earths front line defenders The SDFand Earth air, ground and space combat vehicles Zentraedi warriors, their culture, weapons and war machines Quick Character Creation Tables for the Macross Saga New skills and MOS skill bundles Stats for key heroes The Robotech The Shadow Chronicles RPG rule book is needed to play