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FREE BOOK ó Die Frauen meines Vaters ⚸ Familie, Fehden, FeuertopfEin rauschendes Fest steht vor der T r Gro mutter Duan wird achtzig Da reisen sogar jene Familienmitglieder an, die sich schon Jahre nicht mehr blicken lie en S mtliche Vorbereitungen bleiben nat rlich trotzdem wieder an ihrem j ngsten Sohn h ngen Als h tte der als Chef der rtlichen Bohnenpastenfabrik nicht schon genug um die Ohren Und dann ist da ja noch seine geheime Geliebte Ob es wirklich so eine gute Idee war, sie ausgerechnet eine Etage ber Gro mutters Wohnung einzuquartieren This was a reasonably fun read a soap opera or theatrical farce type of story, depicting life in a small town in China that is undergoing massive changes and a rather dysfunctional family who manages the local chilli bean paste factory I suspect the original has a lot of slang which is difficult to translate Of course it doesn t bode well for gender relationships, marriages etc. I really didn t enjoy this book I don t have to like the characters in a book to enjoy it and I found all the characters in this book pretty unlikeable but I do need to at least find them interesting The main character in this book Dad is a whining misogynist Yawn.I thought some of the translation choices were a bit odd too, like the translator hadn t decided whether she was using UK or American English The use of the term bros to describe Dad s drinking buddies I found particularly grating and unnatural Plus, I can safely say I have never heard anyone describe something as as big as a bum cheek but the phrase was used twice in this book, once to describe an ashtray and the other a cavity Most odd. A sympathetic and vividly intimate saga of the Duan Xue family with their formidable 80 year old matriarch, incorrigibly coarse father, bawdy shenanigans, simmering sibling squabbles, ingrained misogyny and marital betrayals The soap opera style histrionics build up to a raucous gathering of the clan, where we look on like embarrassed guests as long held secrets and rivalries erupt into a farcical climax.Reviewed for Recommended.This won the English PEN, and my vote for one of the best translated books this year There is a real challenge for the translator, as Yan Ge uses an interesting technique of flowing from a current scene into an interlude that provides the necessary background that culminates in a dialogue that flows seamlessly back into the current scene that leaves you with a bit of a whiplash wait, which time period are we in Is that comment in the background interlude conversation or the current time conversation How did Yan do that How did Nicky Harman do it so smoothly There is also a fascinating technique of using a narrator that we never meet She just hovers over the story, referred to only a handful of times as the crazy daughter who apparently is institutionalized but seems to know everything that has happened.There are just so many interesting aspects and tensions to this book, but they are gentle tensions, buoyed along on the humor and the boisterous life of the man at the center of the book son of a domineering mother, brother of a man who has had the easy life compared to his, lover of the emotional mistress, prodigious imbiber and gourmand, manager of the family chili bean paste business, father of the aforesaid daughter, husband of the cold wife, friend of the rascally all threatening to collide as his mother s 70th birthday celebration looms Which drives the technique of giving the reader the rejoinder that our protagonist longs to say out loud, when provoked by one of the characters mentioned above, before he actually says the conciliatory words that he has always said Will he ever say what he really thinks What would happen yes, somewhat like Miroslav Krleza s On the Edge of Reason, but funny and in a totally different culture Maybe he has bitten back so many divisive but honest things he can no longer say anything that is honest, even if it s loving This is really a masterful use of the unreliable narrator, quite deliberately channeling the unreliable protagonist Unreliable not because he is deliberately misleading us or even himself But rather because he is so busy that he never has time or insight to go back and re examine those opinions about members of his family that he formed in childhood, when he understood so little about the character and environment that shaped each of them That these opinions, and our family roles, are molded so firmly by accidents that involve our physical selves and differences, the politics of the time especially in China , relationships between parents that they shield from us, and so forth is really the theme of this book But it is a theme that emerges with sympathy and understanding, not anger, and is surrounded by so much humor that the reader certainly doesn t feel a sermon or lecture has been delivered.Finally, 1 the western China setting is quite fascinating different from usual eastern China novels, 2 there is a short but interesting afterword from Harman about translating the book, with its dialect and different registers.If you think the translated book from Asia to read right now is the one note Convenience Store Woman, think again Find this and read it.