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EPUB á Soul Linked: Origin ï Elle Kirkland wakes up to find herself trapped in a strange new world alongside a hundred thousand others, with no memory of how she got there Dumped into an isolated valley with few resources at their disposal, the newcomers must quickly find a way to survive this harsh new reality that mimics so many games they have played before But survival is not the only thing that will confront them The world they have come to is old, with a long history All manner of dark secrets may be hidden away, waiting to be discovered Different take on the genreGood read, good characters New way to see the genre Recommended for those who want try the litrpg for the first time Too much inner conflictSolid ideas in a decent world, but too much inner toil about the main group Same arguments rehashed through out the whole story It doesn t add suspense, just boredom. Just a messThis needs editing in a bad way Especially anytime numbers are used for quest objectives or when giving enemy amounts.Nothing is answered in this so called book Just loose threads everywhere You won t get any answers so this is a waste of time to read until there isof the story published, hopefully with some answers and some kind of direction.I can t recommend this at all.