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The Ogre Downstairs is probably not one of Diana Wynne Jones's bestknown books, but it's always been one of my favorites Caspar, Johnny, and Gwinny resent their new stepfather (known to them as the Ogre) and his sons, Douglas and Malcolm, but when the Ogre gives Johnny and Malcolm new chemistry sets, all of the children get mixed up in the magical results I've read this book multiple times, and it's always laughoutloud funny; Jones is really at the top of her comic form here At the same time, she has some serious things to say about families and their relationships. [[ EBOOK ]] ⇯ The Ogre Downstairs ☠ Diana Wynne Jones at her finest – family feuds and chaos, magic with hilarious results and some of the most original ideas ever to appear between the covers of a bookCasper, Johnny and Gwinny get a big shock when their mother marries the Ogre The Ogre is large and stern and not at all interested in children, although this doesn't prevent him from adding his own two awful sons, Douglas and Malcolm, to the family mix Now the five children and two adults are squashed under the same roof, which can lead to only one thing – war!Then the Ogre brings home the Chemistry Sets – one for Malcolm and one for Johnny Not that Johnny is impressed by this very obvious bribe At least, not until they accidentally discover the flying lotion Then the real fun begins… The story of a gaggle of youngsters who can't stand their overbearing stepfather and new stepbrothers They're given a chemistry set to bribe them into good behavior, but quickly discover that it can actually be used to make magic potions The potions get them into everconvoluted schemes and increasing amounts of trouble, until their dysfunctional household finally reaches a crisis point This is a really charming story, filled with little touches of 1970s Britain that I found quaint and sweet Each of the children has a distinct and memorable personality, and the uses to which they put their magic are both imaginative and relatable (who wouldn't make their dolls come to life?) I was truthfully a bit troubled by (view spoiler)[how easily the stepfather's constant yelling and intermittent hitting were explained away, but I think this is a generational divide rather than a narrative misstep (hide spoiler)] Oscar’s review: “it was quite good daddy, but a bit old fashioned and had too much child abuse.” I am on a quest to read all of Diana Wynne Jones books So far I have read eight,and they have all been memorable The characters and worlds she crafts are relatable and real There is always a touch of magic, that gives it whimsical fun.The Ogre Downstairs was no exception, the cast was varied and dynamic I loved the snappy dialogue, and British setting, I picked up quite a few colloquialisms.I loved that this story dwelt with family, a rather disjointed and mushed together family So there was a beautiful message in the book, to go along with all the craziness and chaos the children bring about with their magic chemistry sets Casper was my favorite with his penchant to always misunderstand and his quick temper Gwinny was also adorable, and the scene where she admits to the Ogre that she was trying to murder him, was my favorite All in all a fun and thoughtful book. I read this book so many times as a child that the library probably thought I purchased it from them I have since gotten that same library book at a sale they had Talk about a score! I've shared this book with my children I plan to share it with my future grandchildren!Words cannot begin to describe the fun of stepsiblings with dueling chemistry sets that contain some items not normally found on the periodic table From things being brought to life to flying to the disco, this book looks at just what mischief children can get into while studying chemistry on their own.My oldest son can't seem to mimic the outcomes with his own chemistry set, but he is determined Perhaps one day A very nice story about the coming together of a mixed family Also an ogre.It actually seems about like how a child whose mom (or dad) gets married may view their family Except, of course, Diana likes to add some magic in, in this case in the form of a chemistry set It's one of those smooth stories that reads quite nicely and you always cringe a little when they get mad at each other but you're also like, I probably would have done that too (except for trying to kill the ogre I don't think I would have gone that far). This was a decent read It is an early Diana Wynne Jones and it shows The ending is a bit lame So is the way one person turned up at the end with no real explanation However, the five kids are interesting and very individual It isn't incredibly creative Certainly I could see roughly how it was going to end, happily ever after Basically another version of magic goes haywire until finished off Still, I read it pretty much straight through The various antics of the magic events were pretty original. A wildly fun, romp of a book with dark undertones When the children in a blended family are given two magical chemistry sets, amazing things happen They get to fly, be invisible, turn dolls to life, make gold, and body swap This is the really fun part of the book, it describes a delicious childhood filled with extraordinary adventures On the other hand this is arguably a muchserious tale about a blended family struggling to live together The new stepdad is hated and dubbed 'The Ogre' and the step children hate each other Through the magical adventures that occur they gradually come to work together and like each other However, this book does visit some dark places first, with two of the children seriously and separately attempting to kill their stepfather although this is handled in a way that makes it seemhumorous than serious There are also lots of threats of corporal punishment that are only occasionally delivered Eventually, their much loved mother leaves the family for a while which causes them all to pull together to get her back In the end the family are united and happy This book is all about learning to see life from the perspective of others It is touching to see both the stepfather and the children change in their interactions with each other However, because of the dark themes this book touches on, it issuitable for upper primary. I can't wait to read this with my kids when they are old enough It was imaginative and fresh I enjoyed the story and felt the characters stayed true to themselves throughout The story centers around a family that is adjusting to being family and their exploits with a chemistry set I wish I had thought of it.