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I kind of enjoyed this Fairly standard heroic fantasy but worth reading if you re a fan. [[ Kindle ]] ⇴ Kavin's World ↙ Kavin was an adventurer, though born of royal blood and destined to be Prince of Dorada But the trappings of royalty were not for him, he wanted only to sail his prize white ship an alien creation across the broad seas of the world But the world was in upheaval, and his homeland Dorada soon to be no as the wild men of the steppes raided down toward the sea And behind them, even terrifying, came the beast men, slaying all who stood before them Prince Kavin, chosen husband of the Priestess of God, found himself forced to flee across the seas he would claim as his own With the aid of Thuramon the Sorcerer and the wisfom of the ancient non human races, he must free the world of a terror that strikes across time itself Great fantasy.