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We own this and have enjoyed it immensely over many years.Such a great book for all children those who are different and anyone who knows them.Adults Teens should check out the text version that this is based on Stones From a River It s about a dwarf girl in Germany right around the time that her Jewish neighbors begin disappearing from the neighborhood Helps to see how people in a society can not understand what is really happening around them until it is too late. Aimee this is the children s book version of Stones from The River Casey might enjoy. (Book) ß Trudi & Pia Í Many nights the dwarf girl, Trudi, fell asleep hoping that her body would stretch itself overnight, that she d wake up and be the size of other girls her age Trudi doesn t know anybody like her No one with short arms that can t reach coat hooks, or short legs that dangle in chairs no one small enough to look into her eyesNo one, that is, until she meets Pia at the circus Pia is a lion tamer strong and fearless and, most important, a dwarf like Trudi When Pia asks for a volunteer to step into the ring, Trudi doesn t hesitate And together, they weave tales of a magical island where people are little and never lonely After the enchantment ends, Pia shares a secret with Trudi Feeling that you belong starts with loving yourselfAdapted from Ursula Hegi s best selling novel Stones from the River and perfectly paired with Giselle Potter s poignant illustrations this moving story of a girl s search for acceptance captures what it feels like to be differentand then what it feels like to realize that you re not