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This book stands as an important and modern classic about the nature of war Clausewitz applies rigorous analysis to almost all the factors that influence war, not least of which are social and political aspects Indeed, for him, war is part of man s social existence, and politics the womb in which war develops This is encapsulated in his famous comment War is merely the continuation of policy by other means There are a number of intriguing and developed insights within this book how defense is the stronger form of waging war, how military talent does not nece One of the most difficult books I ve ever read so far Took me a month just to read it, and sadly not 100% able to understand the whole thing This one needs a re read someday Some parts are just so indigestible and make me want to pull my hair due to frustration.Having said that, why I gave this book four stars Well, first it is a challenging read and I like challenges Secondly, the contents are unbelievable Yes, some explanations may be outdated, but the gist is still relevant If one could get pass through the Book I II of this book, then he she is able to continue, that s my guarantee Book III is where the fun starts, down right to the end The examples taken from the Napoleonic and Prussian wars were quite helpful Strategies, combats, relation of power, defense vs offense and plan of war, a military enthusiast should make this book his her bible Or even politicians, yes, they are obliged to read this book Besides, as Clausewitz pointed out, the only source o Almost 200 years later, this masterpiece is still misunderstood and ignored.Clausewitz argues that the purpose of war is to disarm your opponent and thereby force him to give you want you want Based on this premise, he concludes that wars are essentially unwinnable on the battlefield it is virtually impossible to completely disarm your opponent through might alone Instead, your opponent at some point has to decide to give you want you want and getting your opponent to come to that decision means that a war must be fought as part of a larger political strategy Moreover, the go No one can actually enjoy reading Clausewitz it simply must be done. Probablemente, sin superar tras ciento ochenta y dos a os G nero Ensayo.Lo que nos cuenta An lisis te rico sobre la guerra basado en el pensamiento del autor, su experiencia y su tiempo, desde su propio concepto hasta la generalidad de sus planes operativos, pasando por las fuerzas armadas, el combate y la teor a estrat gica Publicado de manera p stuma, menos de un a It s hard to write a review of such a disjointed work The important points he hits on are indeed extremely important, but wading through 750 pages of repetitive and wordy abstract run on sentences gets old pretty quickly Two most important points 1 Why don t nations fight wars of annihilation remember, this is the early 19th Century, he doesn t know about the World Wars Well, why don t school children carry on their fights to the death Answer doing so isn t anywhere near worth the cost Wars are fought by different nations over disagreements on policy while that disagreement may be worth fighting over in their mind, it may not be worth risking national obliteration The idea is to drive up the cost of war deaths, wounded, money, political support for the enemy higher than the worth of the thing being fought over is to them What that thing is worth will be different for the different parties While Clausewitz doesn t focus much on this, or at least not clearly, this asymmetric valuation is of extreme importance The United States inflicted far damage on our Vietnamese enemies than they did on us, but the value of victory for them approached infinity whereas most in the United States had only so much patience for supporting a corrupt regime in some country most couldn t find on a map If both sides see victory as worth any cost, we get closer to th The imposing and tangled manuscript meant to become a comprehensive theory on war and its praxis Le manuscrit intimidant et broussailleux qui devait servir une th orie g n rale de la guerre. This is the classic work of military strategy, written by a Prussian general in the nineteenth century, which has been often discussed but little understood It is often held up as the ultimate example of Prussianism, of stifling military correctness, or as the champion of absolute war and the use of brutality and abandonment of rules in order to annihilate the enemy It is blamed for the outbreak of both World Wars and for the horrors which those and subsequent conflicts loosed on the world.None of this is true What we really have here is an unfinished text, since Clausewitz died before he could complete it, and I suspect that the complete version would have actually been shorter, as he cut out repetition and some of the less relevant digressions Still, there is plenty here to chew on, and than enough to disprove most of the above assertions Clausewitz is, of course, both Prussian and a military man, and his subject is war, but he is not uncompassionate In fact, he takes into consideration the difficulties suffered by men in Reviewing classics can be humbling Some books have passed through so many generations and have been analyzed so thoroughly that they ve reached mythic proportions Only the arrogant or ignorant would criticize them On War is just such a book First the disclaimer I have an amateur interest in military history but do not have the depth to fully appreciate mid 19th century military theory Regardless, I know enough to appreciate Clausewitz s rejection of formulated tactics and movement Now for the arrogant and ignorant part.Clausewitz was a Prussian officer who saw action when he was younger and in the Napoleonic campaigns As an older staff officer he never seemed to hold significant command His later career was devoted almost entirely to theory Despite this or due to this , he is very self aware as to the distinction between theorist and practitioner Activity in war is movement in a resistant medium Just as a man immersed in water is unable to perform with ease and regularity the most natural and simplest movement, that of walking, so in war, w ^Download Ebook ☠ Vom Kriege ⇜ On War Is One Of The Most Important Books Ever Written On The Subject Of War Clausewitz, A Prussian Officer Who Fought Against The French During The Napoleonic Wars, Sought To Understand And Analyze The Phenomenon Of War So That Future Leaders Could Conduct And Win Conflicts Effectively He Studied The Human And Social Factors That Affect Outcomes, As Well As The Tactical And Technological Ones He Understood That War Was A Weapon Of Government, And That Political Purpose, Chance, And Enmity Combine To Shape Its Dynamics On War Continues To Be Read By Military Strategists, Politicians, And Others For Its Timeless Insights This Abridged Edition By Beatrice Heuser, Using The Acclaimed Translation By Michael Howard And Peter Paret, Selects The Central Books In Which Clausewitz S Views On The Nature And Theory Of War Are Developed Heuser S Introduction Explains The Originality Of Clausewitz S Ideas, His Education And Background, And Summarizes His Key Theories, While Explanatory Notes Provide Further Information On The Historical Examples Clausewitz CitesAbout The Series For OverYears Oxford World S Classics Has Made Available The Broadest Spectrum Of Literature From Around The Globe Each Affordable Volume Reflects Oxford S Commitment To Scholarship, Providing The Most Accurate Text Plus A Wealth Of Other Valuable Features, Including Expert Introductions By Leading Authorities, Voluminous Notes To Clarify The Text, Up To Date Bibliographies For Further Study, And Much