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|Download Book ♃ Jumper ☣ A hilarious, edgy, and thought provoking novel about a girl who gets the ability to jump into the bodies of others and control them from inside High school student Olivia Silver s life desperately needs some magic She s not super smart Or pretty She s not sure what she wants to do with her life or who she wants to be And it feels like things might never get any better When Olivia comes into contact with a strange and beautiful looking rock from outer space she discovers she can now possess and take over the people around her without them even knowing This changes everything She enthusiastically hops into tough teachers, cute guys, and mean girls to do things she never thought possible but what are the consequences of power abused And what will happen when the creepy pervert from one of her classes finds and takes the power for himself A bold and daring twist on Freaky Friday A fresh and original perspective on what it s like to be someone else Lorelai Brizzi s exciting new novel tells a story you probably haven t heard before and goes places others are afraid to