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E George has a distinct writing style Lots of exclamation points She can be tiring to read, with all her matter of fact tips about life s hardest areas like prayer , but she s always right and her straightforward approach is encouraging I ll definitely return to parts of this book Plenty of superfluous content, but enough gems to make it a truly valuable read. [[ DOWNLOAD E-PUB ]] ☊ A Woman's Call to Prayer: Making Your Desire to Pray a Reality ✙ Women long for a meaningful prayer life but the demands of family, work, and home can get in the way of good intentions Elizabeth George, bestselling author and popular teacher, leads women to deeper communication with God Sharing from personal experience and biblical insights, Elizabeth encourages women to create, nurture, and grow a prayer life as theyovercome the ten main obstacles to prayer discover when and how to talk to God pray from the heart for daily needs Whether a woman has a strong dialogue with God or is just beginning her journey of prayer, this offering provides the guidance and the spiritual direction she needs to answer God s call to be a woman of prayer Practical This one was purposefully being read a little bit at a time to give time for the prayer What I found most helpful from this book was the concept of a prayer journal It really did help me to focus my prayers. It was kinda redundant The one thing I learned from this book that I didn t already know was to be inconstantprayer in the true sense of the word having a prayer always on my lips and at every moment of the day. Nothing like a quiet Sunday at home to finish a couple of books I appreciated this book Some simple reminders, some new thoughts It was a little repetitive at points but maybe we need that Great practical and biblical tips on how to cultivate the discipline of daily prayer I am a checklist person and George includes a checklist at the end of each chapter of teaching Bought at conference at Northside Baptist where author spoke There are some easy steps to follow in this book She is an excellent writer Any of her books are worth buying and having in your personal library Whether you are a new Christian or trying to get a handle on your prayer life, this book is an insightful help. Lots of food for thought with this book Well done.