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`Free ☟ Surviving Terror: Hope and Justice in a World of Violence ⇶ Terror the threat or act of horrifying violence has long been a reality around the world And after the enormous evil of September even relatively insulated Americans cannot ignore the terrible effects and possibilities of lethal violenceIn Surviving Terror, Victoria Lee Erickson and Michelle Lim Jones have gathered an astonishing collection of essays that calls the church to respond to terror Focusing on political, religious, spiritual, and other forms of terror, the essays provide a range of perspectives, from the historical and autobiographical to the theological and politicalThe contributors to this striking and important book have all been inspired by the life and work of Korean minjung theologian David Kwang sun Suh They include such distinguished thinkers as Jurgen Moltmann, Kosuke Koyama, James Cone, and Katherine HS Moon Surviving Terror is vital reading for ethicists, sociologists, theologians, political scientists, and those concerned with Southeast Asian political affairs