@Kindle ë The Sophia Code: A Living Transmission from the Sophia Dragon Tribe ⚢ eBook or E-pub free

@Kindle à The Sophia Code: A Living Transmission from the Sophia Dragon Tribe ß A declaration of your sovereign divinity, The Sophia Code is a visionary sacred text for the Divine Feminine Christ movement sweeping the planet now This book is a living transmission encoded with direct revelations to activate your important role as a revolutionary wayshower for humanity s awakening The Sophia Code cosmology presents a universal blueprint for embodying the return of the Divine Feminine Christ energies Reveals the crystalline chromosomes of your divine genome for sovereignty Features the heroic life stories and initiations of beloved Divine Feminine Ascended Masters in their own words, including Isis, Hathor, Green Tara, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin, and White Buffalo Woman An introductory volume presenting a modern day mystery school curriculum for mentoring your highest potential with The Sophia Dragon Tribe Receive directly downloaded revelations and initiations from the Ascended Masters, orders of angels, and Star Nations for embodying your Higher Self Meet Sophia s highest seraphim The Sophia Dragons, who are Creatrix Mothers and angelic guides for actualizing your sovereignty Initiates you into a global community of Lightworkers moving as one golden dragon of Sophia Christ consciousness upon the Earth A must read Made it through 3% of this poorly written garbage It looked and felt completely fake and to serve the writer s ego It s clearly a marketing ploy, I ve read material and memoirs where the author was clearly channeling something bigger, seemingly without noticing It was my first ever Kindle return Wordy, confusing, unproductive, and pretentious Don t waste your time, folks. The Sophia Code is one of the most empowering and profound spiritual books I ve ever read Beautifully translated and mesmerizing in its delivery.