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!READ KINDLE ⚕ Encyclopedia of Native Tribes of North America ⚒ Review of the previous editionA model of excellence in the art of reference volume publishing Every public and school library should acquire this treasure It will remain the standard for many years to comeDr James A Clifton, Department of Anthropology, Western Michigan UniversityThis superb, fully illustrated reference offers the most up to date and essential facts on the identity, kinships, locations, populations and cultural characteristics of someseparately identifiable peoples native to the North American continent, both living and extinct, from the Canadian Arctic to the Rio GrandeThe concise information is organized for easy use and covers all cultural geographical regions the Northeastern Woodlands, Southeastern Woodlands, Plains and Prairie, Plateau, Great Basin, California, Southwest, Northwest Coast, Subarctic and Arctic Tribes are grouped by linguistic family The spiritual beliefs and the role of Native Americans in history and modern culture are addressed in detailMore thancolor and archival photographs,regional maps and a dazzling portfolio of overspecially commissioned color illustrations give a dramatic visual introduction to the vast range of Native American culture Population and settlement trends based on recent census figures paint detailed portraits of all officially recognized tribes Appendices include the Powwow Trail and a list of museums holding Native American artifacts including the new Smithsonian Museum of the American IndianThis is one of the most comprehensive, up to date and useful references on the subject and an important record of Native American peoples Tribes are presented very briefly, with an emphasis on linguistic groups, styles of clothing shelter design etc., and population statistics There are many great photographic and artistic examples, with notes on which elements of dress are traditional and which show European influence No information is included on Hawaii s native cultures.