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@Read Book ⚣ ከአሜን ባሻገር ë በድሮና በዘንድሮ ይመላለሳል። የዘመናችንን ዐበይት ጉዳዮች ይዳስሳል። ከአሜን ባሻገር ሃያ ምናብ አሳሽ፥ልብ ዳሳሽ፥ አዕምሮ ፈታሽ፥ ዋዘኛ እና ምፀተኛ ድርሰቶችን ይዟል። ድርሰቶቹ ጉዞ ቀመስ፥ ፖለቲካ ለበስ፥ ታሪክ ጠቀስ ናቸው። በጉዞ ቀመስ ተረኮቹ ዕይታው የቀሰቀሰበትን ሐሳቦች ያወጋናል። የፖለቲካ ለበስ መጣጥፎቹም የእንጉርጉሮ እና የልግጫ ድብልቅ ናቸው ይለናል። በታሪክ ጠቀስ መጣጥፎቹ የታላላቅ ኢትዮጵያውያንን ገድል ያወሳልናል። This book really surprised me I learned a lot Bewke's Historical and Identity prespectives are very interesting Everyone Should try this Thank you Bewketu! Very nice book, gave me a different perspective of the writer, the non religious one I have also noticed he concentrated on Amhara and Oromo, i can see why. The writer was born and raised in Ethiopia and brought up in Christian society, the readers plus his admirers plus the language he use to write his book are a contribution from Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, however he criticized and ignorantly suggest what his tiny head handed on his book It's unprofessional, unethical and ignorant to insult the people who read your book For that reason I don't recommend this book to anyone at all. Ya the is so good its defends the idea of tesfaye gebreab's yeburka zmta book