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^FREE PDF ✓ The Long Trek from Coney Island ☠ It is not likely that my grandchildren and their generation will encounter the special people I experienced in my youth and in recent years There were the Exploding lady on Brighton th Street, Our apartment on the Brighton Beach boardwalk because of the Nazi submarine during WWII, Jewish superman and the Pooshka in our apartment house, Burglar in the bathtub, Dating in the permanently parked car, My Yeshiva orthodox classmate Father Abraham Novitsky , How the warm blue AFROTC overcoat earned me entry into the Air Force, No dah vinning in the German language class, Mrs Stahl s deadly kasha knish, The Masai Rabbi and the Unspotted Leopard in Kenya, The Loudest Fart in the Alps, The vicious Dogs of Feldberg Germany and USA national security, Our family fancy lady and her weekend hats from AS, The winter night swimmers off Stillwell Avenue There is a small difference between You re Welcome and Bullshit in my speech closing in Dongshan in the Province of Finjan when I tried to speak Chinese to ChineseTheresuch stories