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{Free Epub} ⛅ Hope Beyond Illness: A Guide to Living Well with a Chronic Condition è HOPE BEYOND ILLNESS A Guide to Living WELL with a Chronic Condition, is a gripping memoir Shulamit Lando recounts her experience with Multiple Sclerosis, MS, a serious, debilitating, and allegedly incurable disease She describes how she refused to let conventional medicine dictate its depressing message to her and how she used her body and her mind as a healing laboratory to combat the illness After every chapter, valuable tips give you the most effective tools from different therapeutic approaches Through her guidance and experience you learn many ways to deal with overwhelming feelings and be able to allow calm and healing into your life This guide will Empower you with hope Find the steps that are best suited to your recovery Give you the support you need to make your journey to wellnessl Present Pearls of Wisdom to help you heal Give you tools to affect mind, body and spirit Help you achieve a creative, functional, meaningful life, despite chronic illness By understanding how our mind works according to what it believes, how we affect our reality by the meaning we give to things, HOPE BEYOND ILLNESS will guide you to clear your negative thoughts and beliefs and make a paradigm shift in your body mind system to turn your life around and know that healing is than possible Shulamit Lando s brave story will inspire you to walk your own valiant journey Through her personal and professional experience she offers a guide to wellness, in spite of whatever cards you were dealt and shows how healing, in the real sense of the word, allows you to live well with illness