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( Read Pdf ) ⚶ PHP 6 Fast & Easy Web Development õ Learn to create Web pages quickly and easily with PHP no prior programming experience required PHPFast Easy Web Development provides a step by step, learn by example path to learning through easy to understand language and illustrations Unlike the verbose text only chapters found in most programming books, the Fast Easy Web Development style appeals to users who are new to PHP, or to programming in general The first three chapters are dedicated to getting Apache, MySQL, and PHP up and running on your Windows or Linux machine You ll be surprised at how simple it is, and how quickly you ll be working From there, you ll learn how to create multi part scripts, display dynamic content, work with MySQL databases, restrict access to certain pages of your site using PHP, create contact management systems, and work with XML After completing this book, you will have a strong foundation in the basics of Web based technologies and application design, and will be prepared to learn advanced topics and programming methods A well rounded book containing an excellent amount o code and tutorials.