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&Book ↡ The Curse of the Chocolate Phoenix ☠ For fans of Roald Dahl s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Oz and Lily s magical chocolate filled adventure continues in the sequel to The Whizz Pop Chocolate ShopIn the wrong hands, chocolate can be very dangerous indeed Oz and Lily have a top secret mission Alba the witch has gotten her hands on a magical chocolate phoenix and is plotting to use it for some serious evil With the help of an army of rats and an unreliable talking cat, the children must pursue her not only across London but through time itself This might be their toughest adventure yetPraise for The Curse of the Chocolate PhoenixSaunders weaves the supernatural with the ordinary with ease Readers who enjoyed The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop will not be disappointed Booklist Clearly, Saunders has honed her deft and breezy comic style while affectionately channeling mild echoes of Harry Potter and The Hobbit.It s official magical chocolate equals even perceptive and magical fun for all Kirkus Reviews Saunders s imagination is out in full force Hand this to readers who love adventure, fantasy, and Mission Impossible type adventure SLJ