|Free Kindle ⚔ Sharpie Art Pack: A Book and Guided Sketch Pad for Creative Mark Making ♩ eBooks or Kindle ePUB free

Sharpie Art Park provides an accessible guide to begin creating art or experimenting with a new material Unfortunately, although full of great imagery and to my delight sourced mostly from female artists I felt this guide to be too often repetitive i love it This is a great little pack for getting started in marker art Timothy Goodman walks you through the process from start to finish. So much fun for doodling A guided way to relax and try different ways of writing decorating. So Much Fun. |Free Kindle ♭ Sharpie Art Pack: A Book and Guided Sketch Pad for Creative Mark Making ⚐ Make your mark and explore hours of exercises using everyone s favorite permanent marker Create your art any time, anywhere with the Sharpie Art Pack Now in an all new format, the creative technique exercises from Sharpie Art Workshop will have you drawing line art like a pro From the desk of designer, artist, and art director, Timothy Goodman, these techniques have been reconfigured into one beautifully designed, highly produced art pack which includes an informational book and companion sketchpad The featured prompts and drawings will have you off and running on day one The Sharpie Art Pack includes a wide range of Sharpie techniques which demonstrate how to effectively make different kinds of marks, patterns, and images on a variety of surfaces Plus you ll enjoy sections on mixing media with Sharpie markers for new effects and results Be bold, and work through this inspiring book and enjoy the intricate and impressive works created from an everyday tool