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I see 4 and 5 star reviews and I think did I read a different book from them I can t constructively critique this book so I ll just leave it with 2 stars and shake of my head. {Download} ⚡ Against All Odds ô Stephanie Grant has a past that is hard to escape Attempting a fresh start, she opens an art gallery in the small town of Mapleton hoping that her normal wandering spirit will allow her to stay A chance encounter with vivacious Louise Masterson has Steph thinking in the long term for the first time in her life Louise, a high school teacher and the daughter of the richest man in town, has a stubborn streak She refuses to knuckle down to her domineering father s demands and life style, instead living a simple life away from the family home After meeting Stephanie Grant, her world changes and love looms on the horizon Life however takes twisted paths, setting both Steph and Louise in directions they never thought possible Will love win out against all odds or will love be forever lost From award winning and bestselling author JM Dragon, with significant updates by, Erin O Reilly comes an original tale of romance where everything seems to be stacked against two women whose destinies bring them together