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!Free Book ⚑ Pack Balance (Were Chronicles #13) ♪ She must learn to balance her human nature with his wolf Julie Sullivan made a horrible mistake She left the man she loved when she learned about his shifter abilities Now she s back in Clear Creek and she is determined to win him backCooper Grainger is working hard trying to find the people responsible for the illegal drug that is killing the shifters of his city He s closing in on his suspect when he runs into the one woman who can bring him to his kneesBut just when Julie and Cooper finally come together to try to get back the time they lost, Cooper s enemies strike Cooper must trust his friends and family to keep the woman he loves safe Julie must accept Cooper as his true self half man and half wolf Will they succeed or will evil prevail Reader Advisory This book is best read in sequence as part of a seriesGeneral Release Date th September yay, hard to get back into this world after a year Great story coyer So, this is my 2nd time to read this series and re reading this book, it reminded me of exactly what I thought the 1st time I read it it really has nothing to do with the previous books, so why is it part of the series With each book, there was some story line of the previous book integrated, whether friend, family, co worker But I don t recall Cooper or Julie in any of the first 12 It s not a bad book, I do LOVE all her other books, just wanted this one to correlate somehow with previous books It would have been fun to read either about Justin or Kieran But it s like a whole new series started instead. Pack Balance Were Chronicles Book 13 by Crissy SmithAnother fantastic read, I love this series.fast, hot and steamy and a very enjoyable.Crissy Smith s writing is fantastic, easy to read and each book has its own story but also has characters from the other books I can t stop reading these books. This is book thirteen in the series If you ve followed along with all the Were Chronicles I believe that you ll enjoy this book I do suggest you read the books in order to best enjoy them.Julie and Cooper are a great couple Think Hot, hunky, narc detective and a sweet sexy EMT come together to solve a mystery and find ever lasting love There will only be 15 books in the series so the end is coming soon this books starts the last three book run that will end the series Julie and Cooper will show up in the next two books so you ll get to enjoy their romance and relationship grow I hope you enjoy the book I had a blast writing it.