BOOK ⚣ Taken by the Clan : A Bride for the Viking ß eBook or Kindle ePUB free

BOOK ã Taken by the Clan : A Bride for the Viking õ Rachel, the young, fanciful and untouched girl, has always been enad with old tales of powerful, muscular vikings The kind of strong, handsome, and rugged men that simply didn t exist any Though it seemed her dream of being taken by one would never come to fruition But one day, Rachel stumbles across a mysterious old woman with a rather unusual device One which promises to let her see the old characters of lore The youthful lass quickly finds herself swirling in blackness, lost in time, and when she awakes Rachel is in a place she s never seen before Though sure enough, a group of powerful viking men with long beards and even longer manhoods come swooping in Seeing how pretty the girl is, and how closely she resembles the ancient legends, she is to be wed to the chieftain of the tribe but first, Rachel must be sampled by all members of the clan Rugged, rough, and without protection It will be her first time ever experiencing such wanton pleasures and my god, is she going to love it