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|Read ☤ Ritual Offerings ♫ Spirits are not merely an option or tool to be utilized when the magician deems it necessary Spirits are the very heart and soul of all magick A consecrated talisman has a spirit attached to it that contributes to the talismans power, the incantations we use work because the spirits heard them and acted We are not alone when cast cast our spells our patrons and familiars are always present present casting the spells with usThroughout history, ritual offerings have been the central pillar of all magick and religion Very often, a magickal ritual consists of nothing than the making of a prescribed offering to a particular spirit in a specified time and place, yet here in the West, the making of an offering has been equated with the worship of the spirit receiving it The act of offering a spirit something as payment for services rendered has a close association with the dreaded pact with the Devil, by which a magician surely sells his soul to damnation, but to the rest of the world an offering is intended to feed and empower a spiritual entity, and to pay it fairly for its aidThe art of making proper offerings to the spirits is a complex one, rife with strict protocols and warnings, but if you take the time to learn this ancient and powerful art, it will supercharge your magick like nothing you ve experienced beforeStrictly Limited tonumbered copies and filled with overpages of essays and actual photos of author s ritual altars, Ritual Offerings unites twelve practicing occultists who share their knowledge and experience with this fascinating and important subject Traditions from around the world such as Solomonic magick, Tibetan Buddhism, New Orleans and Hatian Voudou, Western Hermetic Theurgy and are discussed in great detail Regardless of your tradition, Ritual Offerings will guide you in feeding your patrons and familiars safely and effectively and contribute to our overall success and growth as a practitionerContributors Include Aaron Leitch Introduction Magickal Offerings in Western OccultismAaron Leitch Liber Donariorum the Book of OfferingsZadkiel The Elements of Making Offerings The Offering as SacrificeBryan Garner Frater Ashen Chassan Whispers from a Skull Lessons in Spiritual Offerings from a Conjured FamiliarBrother Moloch Ancestors OfferingFrater Rufus Opus The Back Yard Path toward the Summum BonumDenise M Alvarado Ritual Offerings in New Orleans VoudouJason Miller Severed Head Cakes and Clouds of Dancing Girls Offerings in Tibetan BuddhismNick Farrell Offerings in Roman Deity MagicSam Webster, MDiv PhD founder OSOGD Offerings in Iamblichan TheurgyChic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero Ritual for the Declaration of Maa KheruGilberto Strapazon Offerings in Ceremonial Magick and African Traditional Religions