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#E-PUB à Revenge Of The Wereslut ⚣ ALL THREE PARTS OF THE WERESLUT TRILOGY ARE AVAILABLE NOW When Bryce wakes up after a night of debauchery he spent transformed into the lustful Brittney, he can hardly remember a thing He thinks a coffee date with his best friend, Julie, might clear up his memory, but when he s with her, she s all he can think about Unfortunately for him, Julie is a lesbian, which means that Bryce doesn t have a chance in hell with her But then he spots a familiar thatch of red hair out of the corner of his eye, only this time, that hair sits atop the head of a man named Thom When Bryce confronts him outside, Thom reveals that there is no reversing the curse of the wereslut, but that doesn t mean he can t make the most of it especially with a beautiful woman such as Julie There s something slippery about Thom, something Bryce can t quite place He knows he shouldn t trust the words of the man who took away his manhood And yet a chance with Julie would be the chance of a lifetime Can he put aside his loathing for Thom and accept his new life as a wereslut When the full moon rises again, will he have a choice Revenge Of The Wereslut is partin thepart Curse gender swap trilogy All three parts are available RIGHT NOW Curse Of The WereslutofRevenge Of The WereslutofAn American Wereslut in Londonof