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I enjoyed reading this book and felt that the rhyming message was relevant for not only children but also for adults who were having their own terrible day I appreciated the full page, colorful illustrations with the bad day subtly looming in the background A good book to readaloud with children. [[ Free E-pub ]] ↞ A Terrible Day ☠ Tycho wakes up believing he s just destined to have a terrible day it s a list of little things, that he just knows is going to add up, from waking up grumpy, to having the sun in his eyes, to soggy toast and spilt milk But his mother convinces him that with the right attitude and enough persistence even terrible days can be turned around This is a cute rhyming story about a young boy battling his way through and past his so called terrible day Won this book here and this was a good book We won this book through Goodreads Firstreads, and it is so adorable Very cute story about how to fight off a bad day Given that Robin seems to have lots of Terrible Days, this book will probably be read a lot My six year old son really enjoyed this book he has many a grumpy day and could relate to this story well lovely bright bold illustrations too.