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( Free ) ☣ The L's of Life ☨ After being released on bond on attempted murder charges Janelle, tries to piece her life back together for the sake of her unborn child But without Jt and Maneka s support she ends up back in the situation she started in homeless After giving birth to her daughter she finally decides enough is enough and hits the highway with her new born in search of a new and better life Even with her past steady calling she refused to look back but when her mother request to see her from her dying bed, what other choice does she have After Maneka wakes up out of a coma paralyzed she gives up on life, and turns to the glass dick to relieve her problems Will her brother Twan be able to save her after he is released from jail Or will the crack have a hold on her so strong that only Christ himself can save her JT life is in shambles after he discovers Janelle has skipped town with his only child So he goes on a quest to find the love of his life and his baby girl Will he win Janelle back or just hurt her