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[[ Read Epub ]] õ Wealthy Habits Ò Apply These Secrets of America s Most Wealthy and Generate Riches of Your Own FREE BONUS Productivity Tips and Secrets of Millionaires Have you always wondered what habits separate the rich from the poor Discover what routines propelled young dreamers into powerful titans of industry, and how to apply their strategies to your own life Unlock the secrets of what makes or breaks an entrepreneur, and what to do when one is faced with adversity The Power of Habits on Your Wealth Wealthy Habits lays out what habits of the rich can teach us about creating our own wealth and success Using quotes, stories, and practical information, this book is your guide to valuable insight on establishing healthy business practices We all have habits, whether good or bad, habits make up our daily lives Learn how a few good habits cannot only make you happier, but can also make you wealthier Dive into 12 habits that the majority of rich people share, and how they use these to produce monetary abundance Learn These 12 Habits To Wealth, Health, And Happiness 1 Self Starters 2 Risk Takers 3 Planners 4 Controlled Emotions 5 Create Success 6 Budgeters 7 Exercise 8 Life Long Learners 9 Fighters 10 Givers 11 Focused 12 Team Builders Live The Rich Lifestyle Wealthy Habits is your roadmap to a life you have always wanted to live, a life on the edge, and on your own terms Follow the blueprint of the rich, and find yourself creating wealth and success You are on the edge, what are you waiting for Kick those old habits away, and allow yourself new routines that will make a better, happier, and wealthier you LETS GO Want Even More Download now and receive a free report with the productivity secrets of millionaires. Solid potentially life changing habitsI liked that each habit was explained with an actual scenario We have heard many of these habits before, but the author goes a step further to reiterate the challenge of integrating these habits in your life I appreciate his honesty in letting readers know it will take time, discipline and personal growth to get to and maintain the other side of wealth. Awesome just awesomeAuthor nails it on the head Being rich starts with mindset bad good habits I will be using this book for years to come and will highly recommend it to others Props to you fine sir way to take the bull by the horns