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Presents investing style quite similar to Thoughtful Investor Basant Maheshwari Can challenge the deep value investor at times to look at other style also which author has backed with data. &FREE ↠ The Next Apple: How To Own The Best Performing Stocks In Any Given Year ⇱ This is not a book about the company or the stock Apple This is a book about finding the next Apple or at least finding hundreds of mini Apples In , Apple was abillion company In , it is abillion company, basking in the sunlight of everyone s attention , invested in Apple inis worth ,, today Hindsight bias could make investing seem extremely easy Past winners are well known future winners are usually an enigma Is it really impossible to know in advance which stocks could become the next Apple, Google, or Tesla The good news is that there will be hundreds of stocks that will go up % or in the next decade Do you know how to find them More importantly, do you know how to profit from them The biggest stock market winners spend a lot of time on theweek high list Everyone knows that It is common sense There are some years when over , stocks show up on theweek high list We cannot possibly own them all How could we further reduce the universe of stocks to which we should be paying attention Do what you love and success will follow is the most frequently given advice Is Invest in what you love an equally bright idea Does past performance impact future returns The answer might surprise you How to find the best performing stocks in any given year It is a little counter intuitive, but if you do what everyone else does, you cannot expect to achieve superior results George Soros says that the market could predict its own future Is the market always correct More importantly, how does that affect you as an investor Timing is everything in investing When is the absolute best time to buy stocks Some trends last only several quarters before they fade, while others continue for years and deliver fantastic returns Sooner or later, every trend ends This is not an opinion It is a fact How can you make sure that you keep your profits when a trend inevitably ends These and many other intriguing questions find answers in Ivaylo Ivanov s and Howard Lindzon s latest book The Next Apple How To Find Stocks That Could Go Up % Get your copy In fact, get all your friends a copy Get one even for your in laws