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|FREE EBOOK ⚔ Brian Eno's Another Green World ♌ The serene, delicate songs on Another Green World sound practicallymeditative, but the album itself was an experiment fueled byadrenaline, panic, and pure faith It was the first Brian Eno album tobe composed almost completely in the confines of a recording studio,over a scant few months in the summer ofThe album was a proofof concept for Eno s budding ideas of the studio as musicalinstrument, and a signpost for a bold new way of thinking aboutmusicIn this book, Geeta Dayal unravels Another Green World s abundantmysteries, venturing into its dense thickets of sound How was analbum this cohesive and refined formed in such a seemingly ad hoc way How were electronics and layers of synthetic treatments used to createan album so redolent of the natural world How did a deck of cardsfigure into all of this Here, through interviews and archivalresearch, she unearths the strange story of how Another Green Worldformed the link to Eno s future foreshadowing his metamorphosisfrom unlikely glam rocker to sonic painter and producer