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(((DOWNLOAD))) ☠ Fast-Acting Get em Hot Lust Spells (Nickis Fast & Easy Love Spells Book 1) ☠ THIS BOOK IS FOR MATURE ADULTS OVER AGEThese Aren T Your Usual Easy Love Spells They Re About Lust Not Tidy, Dainty Sighs, But Heart Pounding, Panty Soaking Lust This Witchcraft Book Of Sexy Spells Is For Anyone Tired Of Waiting For Some Good Hot Sex He May Not Be Mr Right Most Of The Time, Nicki Uses The Male Pronoun Throughout This Book It Keeps Things Simple Nevertheless, These Spells Can Work For Anyone Who S Horny And Not Took Picky LGBTX Or Anything In Between As Long As You Re Consenting Adults, Go For It Yes, This Book Is Flippant It S Only Somewhat Serious Really, If You Were An Alien Visiting Earth, And You Saw Humans Sweating Their Brains Out, Shoving Part A Into Part B, Over And Over Again And Calling It Fun Wouldn T You Laugh So Hard You D Pee Yourself Most Of These Are Real Spells About Lust Hot, Juicy, Sexy Lust Love Might Be Involved Lust Is Almost Always Better When Mutual Love Is Part Of It However, Most Of These Spells Are About Getting Laid Good, Hot, Kinda Trashy Sex This Book Contains A Dozen Lust Spells Eight Of Them Are Tried And True SpellsCandle Spells,Kitchen Spells,Cord Spell, AndHybrid Spell Four Other Spells Might Work, But They Re Included For Laughs If You Can T Laugh At Lust And How Horny We Get When We Aren T Getting Some Good Lovin , This Book Isn T For You It S , Words With Exact Directions And The Words To Say They Re Spells You Won T Find Anywhere Else Get Ready To Be Shocked What Nicki Suggests Is Outrageous And It Just Might Save Your Love Life