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Fast and fascinating. I m on a History Kick as of late I don t know about the rest of you but school seems like yesterday and yet so many years ago things I learned are beginning to dim I found this in the children s section of the library with my kids and was intrigued It was just what I ve been looking for So many interesting facts I have forgotten I highly recommend this easy fun read I told my husband Washington is now on my list of people I d love to meet I think we d be instant friends I think he s just brilliant I also googled how American got her name and it s rather interesting so if any of you are curious look it up Not really that in depth I believe this is a YA book. The kids and I have been reviewing the Presidents of the United States My seven year old read George Washington An American Life a few months ago, and I just found it again good thing, as it is a library book It was a quick read, but very well written and highly enjoyable.The biography covers George Washington s life in full, starting with a brief family history did you know Washington was a fourth generation American and extending to his death It talks about his roles as surveyor, general, president, and husband It briefly explores possible reasons as to why he continued to own slaves despite his fight for the freedom of other Americans What I really liked about that portion was that it was not an all or nothing thing the author tried to show how Washington grew up when slavery was commonplace, but that by the end of his life had changed his perspective The point was made that, during the formation of the United States, a final decision on slavery could well have put an end to the early nation, which seems to be why the decision was left to each individual state.I also enjoyed the various blurbs situated throughout the book They were not directly connected to the text which they appeared next to, but they did have a connection Some are only a line or two long others are a full page All provide interesting insights into Washington s life.The illustrations, paintings, and images were also well done and enjoyable They broke up the text nicely, and provided an interesting visual treat for the eyes.This book is obviously meant for children, so the details of Revolutionary War battles are necessarily brief However, it might have been nice at some point closer to the beginning to provide a map of the early country to further illuminate some of the troop movement It was very difficult for me to hold in my head the locations of the various British, American, and French troops through the French and Indian War and through the fight for freedom I pulled out an atlas to help me figure some parts of the battles out, but it would have been nice to have a supplement.I also found the description of the two parties a bit vague, as well as the process of electing Washington Both raised several questions in my mind that will need a bit study to determine The one that really made me scratch my head is did Washington have anyone running against him He received the electoral votes of all thirteen colonies, but it was never made clear if he had any competition I realize, too, that this is a children s book, but I would like to have seen the opinions of the two parties spelled out a bit clearly perhaps in another interesting sidebar It seemed to me that, given what the author defined as each party s role, her definitions do not quite match up Whether that is due to my not receiving enough information or a simple political mix up is uncertain Still, it has prompted me to look further.Overall, I really enjoyed the clear and vivid writing found in George Washington An American Life The novel looks to be one of several biographies, and I intend to read other books in the series and other books by this author, as this one was both educational and intriguing I think it provides excellent details for adults as well as children, albeit on a very basic level. It s amazing to me how much information I retain and find fascinating about history when I read this stuff as an adult History is really cool This is a nice, concise biography for anyone wanting a simple introduction to Washington s life The book introduced many points of interest that I plan to read into further For instance, his relationship with his mother If you are looking for a very detailed account of his life I would not recommend this book to you. It is kind of interesting I hate biographies. &E-PUB ⇞ Sterling Biographies: George Washington: An American Life (Sterling Biographies) ↜ First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen and first in the minds of schoolchildren, who learn about George Washington as soon as they begin studying American history From Washington s Virginia childhood, through his days as a soldier and general, to his inauguration as the first President of the brand new United States, and into retirement, this biography captures the full breadth and achievements of his life It covers both the personal and the private, reveals his views on everything from governmental power to the abolition of slavery, and separates fascinating truth from well worn legend including that infamous, but false, tale about chopping down the cherry tree. I was interested in his life and presidency than the warsBut in fairness, wars are part of history.. Surprisingly entertaining and comprehensive, though it did leave a few holes open I also appreciated their approach to discussing Washington s slaves.