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Its okIf you have no idea about soap making Get it, but melt and pour isn t hard to work with I was looking for inspiration as I m in somewhat of a soapers block right now, and this wasn t the book for any inspiration. @READ PDF ó It's No Lye!: 25 Melt & Pour Soap Recipes ë Have you ever wanted to make home made soap, but were afraid to because of having to work with lye, also known as caustic soda Melt Pour soaps are your answer Read about lye and why you don t have to mess with adding it Find easy to read, simple recipes, that are fun to do, and fast There aredifferent themes containingdifferent recipes in each Natural Herbal Soaps Holiday Soaps Luxury Soaps Peeling Soaps Special Kids Soaps Learn the Benefits of Melt Pour soaps Supplies and Supplier Links Tips Tricks Troubleshooting Glossary Terms FAQ, and bringing it all together You ll be amazed at how simple and easy, and once you make one batch, you ll be eager to do another Use these soaps with confidence, that you are doing your body good Give as gifts, or even sell You ll be happy you ve discovered It s No Lye NiceLooks easy ready made and no Lye Will try some for Christmas stockings for the family.Really wanted soap shampoo No lyeSounds a lot safer and easier I m trying this for my first time making soap The recipes seemto my liking I will definitely try the gentlemen s soap for my husband and son. Great readI really enjoyed the simplicity of the recipes and the excellent links and descriptions I think this book will easily be what I need to start making some with my kids. Awesome and really helpfulAwesome this definitely helped me with the start up of my soap making Definitely a good source of information wonderful