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Loved Cairo's description from the perspective of its frustrated youth In my opinion, I would have thought way higher of the book if the inappropriateness was justified all the time Although, I do think, since it's mainly from the POV of a young angry man, it is kind of justified to read about it unfiltered and raw Anyway, again, loved the description of the city so much. I really enjoyed this book, and it is one I think I'd go back and reread some day as it clearly has manylayers than a single read reveals In parts it felt like reading a William S Burroughs book (he even name checks him at one point), but written now and set in modern day Cairo/Egypt The book is 90% prose, 10% graphic novel A tale of a city on the verge of collapse, and secret societies and the fun and exuberance of youth Fun, a little trippy but a fast paced read. I was happy to buy the Arabic original and its English translation of Using Life to support Ahmed Naji who was sentenced to two years in jail because of Chapter 6 of the novel (you can read the full chapter here ) The story itself started off well, following the picaresque wanderings and existential musings of Bassam Bahgat, the protagonist, in a slightly altered version of modern Cairo The novel, however, soon got bogged down in its depiction and history of the 'Society of Urbanists' (a sort of stand in for the Freemasons) Takes its place though amongst the new wave of Egyptian literature such as 'Being Abbas el Abd'. It is definitely not a novel, im not sure how to describe it though Maybe some kind if a dystopian fantasy!He succeeded to grasp all thise feeling that the miserable city of cairo imposes on its inhabitants, especially the young ones.Yes, sexually explicit words and scenes, but I guess it is too obvious that the main character could be anything but a priest ! So , im not sure what all the fuss is about here.I think it was a good effort, especialy those historical touches , and the mention of some nysterious characters and events, gave it a different dimension.Also, not ti forget , hats off to the artist, the comics were very enjoyable. I liked the parts about Cairo itself; the book seemed to channel Baudelaire in those sections and coupled withe the unique narrative blend of images and writing, it worked well However, the actual plot of this was not well fleshed out and just didn't make any sense. Brilliant Naji, who has sacrificed so much for his work, captures the underbelly of Egyptian society through unbothered, rebellious eyes His style of writing is raw and reminiscent of beatnik writers like Kerouac or Ginsberg. This book captures modern Cairo and the young Cairenes who I befriended during my time there, right down to the pollution, places, and profanity This book reminds me of Victor Pelevin's Generation P, though Naji isfocused on mindless copulation than mindless capitalism. The mix of black and white illustrations with the novel was the best thing (and possibly only good thing) Of this book It is interesting to read from contemporary authors from other countries but this was just whooosh! Using Life is an Egyptian apocalyptic novel, set in Cairo and originally published in Arabic in 2014 Despite receiving positive reviews and critical acclaim, in 2016 the author was sentenced to up to two years of jail time after a reader’s complaint at the graphic language and depictions of sexual encounters Although the conviction was overturned after mass public outcry, the censorship of this novel and it’s author bodes ill, and sets a rather nasty precedent I wanted to give it a read, both in support of the author, and to broaden my own reading scope As everyone knows, there’s nothingalluring than the forbidden, and telling someone that a major government didn’t want people to read a book is a surefire way to make people want to read it.Read the full review on my blog: `Free Book ⇻ استخدام الحياة ↠ ننتقل في استخدام الحياة عبر ثلاثة أزمنة تبدأ من لحظتك الحاضرة أيًا كان الوقت في ساعتك حيث بسام بهجت يتخبَّط داخل شبكة عنكبوتية من الإحباط والفشل العاطفي، يحاول خلق عالم صغير كفقاعة داخل قذارة القاهرة، لكنه يستيقظ على دعوة للغداء تنقلنا للماضي، حيث بسام نقطة صراع بين ورثة الصنعة من تلامذة فليمون تنتهي القاهرة ومعها فقاعة بسام لكن لا تنتهي حياته بل تمدنا بإطلالة على المستقبل حيث ينتهي كل هذا ويعيش الجميع في سعادة وهناء تحت ظل الوريثة الشرعية لفليمون، ما عدا بسام المشغول بفك خيوط الشبكةيصوغ أحمد ناجي راويته بلغة تقوم على مزج مستويات مختلفة من العامية والفصحى، وفي أجزاء من الرواية تختفي اللغة المكتوبة لتكمل رسومات أيمن الزرقانى مسار الحدث، ويرتبط النص بالرسوم ليشكل وحدة عضوية في مغامرة يمزج فيها ناجي والزرقاني بين الرواية المكتوبة والرواية المصورة، ليقدم الاثنان عملاً يستكشف أراضٍ جديدة تنهض استخدام الحياة من بؤس القاهرة ببنيان يكتسب تماسكه من تشظيه، وتستعيض بالتناغم عن الدراما، وبالخطأ والتجربة بدلاً من الصواب والمعرفة