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!Download ♊ Monsters of Greek Mythology Volume Two ☭ The gods, heroes, and monsters of Greek mythology come wondrously alive in this second volume of Bernard Evslin s award winning series Book two of Bernard Evslin s extraordinary work opens with the story of Hercules, the strongest man on Earth Son of a mortal woman and Zeus, feared and hated by Zeus s wife, Hera, Hercules is condemned to twelve labors in which he must fight the world s most terrifying monsters It seems that the world s mightiest hero may have met his match against the Hydra, a beast with one hundred heads that spew lethal poison Other tales feature Atlas, the Titan condemned to bear the world on his shoulders the hideous gorgon Medusa, who turns men to stone the half man, half bull Minotaur the Sphinx and many Greek myths come to thrilling life in these timeless stories of love and revenge, sorcery and enchantment, in which gods and demigods, mortals, fiends, and demons battle between good and evil It is a world where bushes become bears, the four winds go to war, and the Nemean Lion and giant crab Cancer strike terror into the hearts of all