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&FREE BOOK ⇻ The Left-Hand Way (American Craftsmen #2) ☜ Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy meets ancient magic, with the fate of the world hanging in the balancePoe s Red Death returns, powerful than ever Can anyone stop him before he summons an apocalyptic nightmare even worse than himself In this second book of Tom Doyle s contemporary fantasy series, the American craftsmen are scattered like bait overseas What starts as an ordinary liaison mission to London for Major Michael Endicott becomes a desperate chase across Europe, where Endicott is both hunted and hunter Reluctantly joining him is his minder from MI13, Commander Grace Marlowe, one of Her Majesty s most lethal magician soldiers, whose family has centuries of justified hostility to the Endicotts.Meanwhile, in Istanbul and Tokyo, Endicott s comrades, Scherie Rezvani and Dale Morton, are caught in their own battles for survival against hired assassins and a ghost powered doomsday machine And in Kiev, Roderick Morton, the spider at the center of a global web, plots their destruction and his ultimate apotheosis After centuries of imprisonment, nothing less than godlike power will satisfy Roderick, whatever the dreadful cost.