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&EBOOK ☠ The Financial Advisor to Building Wealth - From Financial Crisis to Financial Freedom ⇞ What makes you wealthy Are you, like most people, thinking Money If so, get ready to turn that idea on its head it s time to realize that wealth comes first This book will transform your attitudes towards wealth and money and show you how to achieve financial freedom and lasting prosperityIn the midst of the worst financial crisis in decades, we need all the help we can get, and one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is a financial education People who know about finance are using it to their advantage, right now Wealth is flowing fast towards the financially informed Governments and banks are exerting control and the middle class is being financially squeezed than ever It s time to open our eyes and get smart about wealthDo you really understand the roots of the current financial crisis More importantly, do you know what to do to preserve and grow your wealth The Financial Advisor for Building Your Wealth is the book you need This is no dry, academic text The Financial Advisor is Packed with practical advice for wealth creation Action focused and motivating Structured into bite sized articles for effective learning Clear and jargon freeEntrepreneur, financial advisor and personal development coach Thomas Herold has put together a set of profound insights and action focused learning resources, which will transform your attitude to wealth and help you create abundance in your lifeHerold, author of three previous books with , copies published worldwide, sets out simply and clearly how our financial system works, and how you can use it to your advantageChange The Way You Think About WealthWhat really makes us prosperous Can you imagine a life where wealth doesn t simply equal the balance of your bank account Changing your financial mindset opens up new, exciting ways to become wealthy You ll learn How to recognize hidden factors that influence your financial decisions Why going against traditional financial wisdom is the best choice right now The real difference between money and wealth How to build habits for lasting financial successOne of the most precious gifts you can give yourself these days is a financial education Once you know why the current crisis is happening, you can do what you need to protect and grow your wealth The Financial Advisor gives you invaluable, practical advice on how to think about wealth, and how to create wealth for yourselfTransform Your Attitudes And Your ActionsIt s time to think differently and the Financial Advisor is a perfect guide through the complexities of modern finance You ll be surprised and delighted at the insights you ll encounter This book will confirm what many have felt for a long time the accepted wisdom of how to get rich is just not working for most people You ll discover What is really going on in the economy and markets What caused the current crisis and where it s going to lead Where the few safe havens for your wealth lies How you can still make money in a hugely volatile market How to move from employee to being an entrepreneurThe Financial Advisor it a resource you will dip into over and over You ll find information on useful blogs and websites, apps for iPhone and iPad, workshops and other learning resources, to continue your valuable financial education