FREE BOOK ì MISTAKEN IN CLAYMORE RIDGE ⚠ MISTAKEN IN CLAYMORE RIDGE by BILL WILLIAMS Was the eighth of the author s eleven published novels and he likes to think of them as thrillers set in the background of the wild west which is a genre he has always enjoyed Description Ben Oakes had been determined to make a new life for himself He had killed men when he could have walked away from trouble and vowed never to carry a weapon ever again Then fate had delivered him a cruel blow and now he was desperate to clear his name and escape the hangman s noose He had been welcomed by the Hankin family, but Milton Hankin, a wealthy rancher was convinced that Ben had killed Todd, the son he had worshiped and takes steps to ensure that Ben pays with his life Ben escapes from his cell in Tremaine Creek and believes that he may find Todd s killer in Clay Ridge, but the long journey to get there is hazardous His relief on reaching the town is short lived when he faces new accusations He claims never to have seen his accuser and has no recollection of ever visiting the town before His luck changes in a most unexpected way and he is set free, unaware that his life is still in danger, even though he has been cleared of all charges against him He becomes privy to a secret that will cause him some anxiety, but first he must fend off threats to his life from than one man A BW Arizona Western Action Adventure MICR BW has penned an Arizona western action adventure titled, Mistaken in Clay Ridge which begin with a cowhand being arrested for a murder he did not commit He goes thru the trial and is found innocent Other people knew the truth but kept quiet because they wished to avoid trouble from the person and other people who had committed the crime This is an excellent read for the genre..DEHS