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Melanie Vargas is a young prosecuting attorney who lives only a few blocks from a major crime scene She manages to land this high profile case featuring a very powerful and very dead lawyer He has been killed by a cold blooded killer appropriately named Slice As the case heats up Melanie is having a hard time knowing who to trust There seems to be at least one bad egg on her team She just hopes it isn t Dan O Reilly She is seriously attracted to him, but she is still technically married, so they both are trying to respect that.Good mystery, but a little complicated in the romance department. [[ Free Epub ]] ✗ Most Wanted ⇮ A betrayed wife and dedicated mother suddenly forced to raise her six month old daughter alone, Melanie Vargas is also an ambitious, hard working professional who has had to bite and claw for recognition in the federal prosecutor s office Then, while strolling with her baby girl on a steamy New York night, Melanie stumbles onto the kind of high profile case that could make a career the burning townhouse of a wealthy former prosecutor, its owner s tortured, murdered corpse smoldering within Melanie Vargas wants this chance she needs it and she ll do whatever it takes to get it.But a headline grabbing opportunity of a lifetime could cost Melaniethan she ever imagined, as it pulls her closer to a dangerous affair with a secretive, enigmatic FBI agent and closer still to a sadistic human monster moving expertly through the city s darkest shadows. What a great mystery, thriller, legal police storyline Found this one by browsing the library shelf Will certainly look for the others since this is supposed to be 1 in the series Martinez s writing reminds me of Grisham, Grippando Rosenfelt all wonderful legal mystery writers Everytime I thought I knew exactly who the mole was I ended up being surprised I only successfully picked one of the many I like that One of my guilty pleasures is genre fiction, and I like FBI law mystery type books This is a great example of that it was a page turner with interesting characters that I wanted to find out about I did think that the identity of the villian was a bit obvious, but the way the plot played out made sense.I m starting on the sequel now I really like legal thrillers and this was a good book I started this book and couldn t put it down and finished it in 48 hours had to sleep sometime Highly recommend the book and hope this author writes legal thrillers. A New York prosecutor, Melanie Vargas, is young, ambitious and her marriage is rocky Melanie gets a great case, except the murders don t seem to stop at one Enjoyable, well paced I will read in this series. Good, quick murder plucky young female attorney story Characters haven t many shades of gray, but are all good looking and ready for a sexual exploit not an explicit book, though, don t worry This is the kind of book I enjoy in between Like a palate cleanser after something grim. I think this is a GREAT suspense novel that is very hard to put down once you start to read it Michele Martinez does a GREAT job on describing the characters and surroundings. Just discovered her books and went and bought all 4 of them I m on the 3rd on and I can t wait till I get through the series Great writing, and a wonderful story line. books really great the suspense is killing me before i turn each page, making me want to read it all until there is no pages left, i m loving it so far