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[[ Free E-pub ]] ✙ Contemporary Task-Based Language Teaching in Asia ⇵ Over the last decade task based approaches to language learning and teaching TBLT have become a global focus of increased levels of research Governments around the world have turned to TBLT as a potential solution for curricula that lack authentic and meaningful engagement with language learning and are failing to motivate students as a result This book focuses on Asia, where this shift has been particularly in evidence TBLT has often been implemented in top down approaches to curriculum development, which presents a huge range of challenges at the cultural as well as the pedagogic level Contemporary Task Based Language Teaching in Asia looks at the drivers, stakeholders and obstacles across the region Some countries have adapted TBLT to deal with the local constraints, others have found it hard to apply and many are still in the process of investigating its implementation in their specific contexts This collection is important to all involved in language development, from curriculum reform to materials development It assists from programme evaluation to the setting of assessment standards The chapters cover all aspects of language education across Asia, from primary to tertiary, private and public education, as well as innovations at local, regional and national levels