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~Read Book ♳ Super Rue: The Adventures Continue (Super Rue's Adventures) ♸ Rue started life as a regular dachshund but after a surgery for her back and a trip into a hyperbaric oxygen chamber she ended up with super powers She keeps track of her daily adventures in her journal and on her blog She is a very active differently abled dachshund whose determination and love of life will inspire you Rue passed away on October th but her adventures continue to entertain and inspire This second volume includes photos and stories from some of her greatest adventures Attempts at painting Getting her new set of wheels Continuing to rid the world of pesky tree rats on squirrel patrol And many other great adventures Excerpt MayI spent my entire day and night working on my invisibility powers I foolishly thought that if I a stinky cat can master invisibility then it should be easy cheesy lemon squeezy I decided an invisibility cloak similar to my cape would work the best and that a blanket would make a great cloak There turned out to be obstacles than obtaining an invisibility cloakIt s dark under those cloaks When it gets dark, I get sleepy And when I get sleepy I snore Quite loudly apparently This allowed everyone to easily locate me and remove the cloakI m also too long thanks tail and wide thanks ears I tend to have body parts sticking out from the cloak The general rule is if it s not under the cloak people can still see them How true I kept getting caughtI love food and I love attention Just when I think I m making progress in keeping all parts under the cloak and not snoring mom started making dinner I smelled steak and without thinking made a beeline for the kitchen Oops The same thing happened after dinner when dad sat on the floor to work I thought, There s a lap Dad will snuggle me and I headed over to his lap It wasn t until I was there that I realized I had once again failed at invisibility I will continue to work on improving this super power I am not ready to admit that it may not be the power for me I am going to see if Serena wants to give me lessons I will even provide her a signed affidavit saying I will only use the invisibility to combat the tree rats so the cats in the neighborhood have nothing to fear Love, Super convinced invisibility is possible Rue The stories included in this volume are from her fan page facebook superruedoxie