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Struck by Lightening was an enjoyable read It appears to be the third in the Arden Fire Department Series.Rebecca is an artist, working in a gallery with several friends who are also artists and sell their artwork She is making art pieces that sell well to the richer set of folks, but Rebecca knows that they are really nothing than broken pieces of dishes glued to boards and such She wants to make it big in the art world If selling this stuff will do, then that s what she s doing Anything to keep from working in her uncle s business as an accountant.Dan is a paramedic at the Arden Fire Department He s known to be a bit of a ladies man When he meets Rebecca during a storm one day, that appears to change He goes looking for the girl who stole a kiss during the storm and walked away with bare feet.When Dan finds Rebecca, he wants to make her happy She keeps making statements and doing little things that keep him confused Can it all work out in the end Charlotte McClain did a very good job of writing this third in a series Even without having read the first two, I was able to read this and have a good idea of what s been going on in Arden s Fire Station It s sometimes not easy to have a book which is part of a series stand alone, but Ms McClain did a very good job at it The writing is well done, and the pace moves along well I was never bored while reading Struck by Lightening.The two main characters are well fleshed out, but I do have to say that at times, I found myself wondering what was going on with the friend of Rebecca s, Bess She went from being, well, snippy to suddenly acting like a best friend again I felt like I had missed something It seemed to be than just jealousy, but I could be wrong.Billy, you just to have to read the book to find out, but I adore Billy I ll have the chocolate banana cream cheese shake please There are other characters also, but those were the two most memorable to me, for different reasons.I had some formatting problems in my version, but I m 99% sure it was from attempting to read it in Calibre When I read it in PDF format through a PDF reader, it seemed to be alright This was an advanced readers galley I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is wanting a quick, enjoyable read You can visit Ms McClain s site to find books and information.Disclaimer I received a free PDF copy to review this book before publication date. Originally posted at doing what you have to in order to pay the rent really make you a happy person in the end This is a question that has plagued Rebecca for quite some time As a starving artist, making fine art to make the rent is something that she feels is necessary but with every piece a tiny bit of herself slowly dies Will a chance meeting in the rain with a sexy Paramedic turn things around for Rebecca or will he become another complication that she doesn t need in the day to day grind Dan has always been a skirt chaser, and up until the last couple of months that has been enough for him As a paramedic his life doesn t really have a normal schedule, but with age comes wisdom and the understanding that at some point he will want to settle down Watching the rain one night, a woman comes to him soaking wet and asking to do an experiment with him Intrigued, Dan can t seem to resist her But when lightning strikes will these two get burned out or will the burn be just what they both needed in the end This was an interesting book that kept me guessing from beginning to end With each page I was left unsure when it came to the character of Rebecca One minute she would show her true feelings for Dan, but than in the next breath she would push him away and become exceedingly distant At points this made the story a bit confusing to read, but in the end make the book that much enjoyable with the uncertainty of how things would end.Charlotte McClain is a new to me author, and I can say after reading this story that I will be on the lookout for other works by her This was a refreshing twist to the normal HEA of romance, and it didn t disappoint in the least. Pretty good book Hot firefighters and Paramedics.what else could you ask for {EPUB} ⚟ Struck by Lightning (Arden FD, #3) µ Sometimes a dream life is really a nightmareRebecca has big plans She s going to be a famous artist, even if she has to sell her soul to do it And so far, it s working for her She s gaining notoriety in local art circles, but the crap art she s selling makes her miserable Ducking into the local fire station during a rainstorm, she finds the perfect way to distract herself a hot firefighter with a big ego begging to be toyed withDan would be the first to admit he has a big ego, but there s something about RebeccaHunting her down after that first kiss in the rain turns out to be the easy part Making her happy might be impossible But Dan is willing to do whatever it takes, including helping her buy back her soulMaybe it was the rain, maybe it was the uniform Or maybe Rebecca and Dan were simply struck by lightningWARNING Violent weather, workplace disasters, and life happening despite the best laid plans