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[[ Download Epub ]] ¹ Bodacious ⚢ BODACIOUSGifted and talented in many ways, Sara Loomis, 26, accepts her one glaring inadequacy her sexual repression Sara is frigid Kidnapped during the robbery of a convenience store in the Ozark Mountains on Halloween, Sara is terrified that the hillbillies will carry out their threat to rape and murder her Instead, they deliver her to Bo, a hairy, reclusive, mute, old mountain man whom, one captor assures, will murder her quickly But, while Bo, the silent caretaker, does not murder Sara, neither does he heed her pleas to return her to civilization Sara is further frustrated when her escape attempts are thwarted by her own stupidity and cowardice Over twelve days, Sara grudgingly begins to understand and even respect Bo s primitive lifestyle Gradually, this unlikely maestro arouses passion which stimulates and frightens her, intensifying her desperate need to escape In those attempts, Sara inadvertently puts herself in one life threatening situation after another.