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( Read E-pub ) ⚢ Never Have I Ever... Been Gangbanged! (Gangbang Sluts #6) ¿ Sheltered college student Kara tags along with her new boyfriend Danny to a wild frat party and quickly gets in over her head when an innocent game of Never Have I Ever turns into somethingExcerpt One of the other boys steps in I don t know his name He looks young, with white blonde hair and high, attractive cheekbones I think to myself that he could be a model for a sportswear company, and then I can t form another coherent thought because he s touching me down there His pale hand is palming my crotch, rubbing firmly over my jeans I grind into him, unable to stifle a sudden groan of pleasure Yeah, Kara My eyes are closed, but I recognize Danny s voice You like that, baby, don t you Mmm, I answer Then I feel another hand at my waist, brushing up underneath my shirt Kyle breaks away as the fabric is tugged up and over my head, baring my torso My breasts almost spill out of my bra, nipples partially visible through the white lace, dark and peaked Aching to be sucked