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{DOWNLOAD EPUB} ⚟ Flashing It: a tiny collection of tiny stories ó Summary An unusual audition that changes the course of Hollywood movie making An unusual cookbook Boltzmann brains And in this brief collection of flash fiction, in which not everyone has bothered to put on a pair of briefs And some can t, because they have no bodies Includes novel excerpt Available for FREE on SmashwordsExcerpt This happened back when Hollywood was brand new just a bunch of Jewish men congregatin on a patch of desert to make pictures They hadn t even figured out yet what a movie star oughta be They were takin all comers pretty, plain, young, old, fat, thin, you name it So one day the studio door opens and in walks this broad with her big hips wobbling Mediterranean looking she was, her thick black hair streaked with grey They asked her name and she said Baubo And your last name Just Baubo She was a couple of eons old if she was a day But they didn t know that, and they didn t know she was a goddess neither If they d known either o them things, they might o been warier