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@FREE EBOOK ⛈ Time for a Story Ì Parents and teachers are always looking for stories I hope therefore that this collection, culled from many sources, will prove of value to all who have the pleasant task of satisfying the child s demand, Tell me a story All the stories in this book have been enjoyed by children under five I have included a few longer tales for them to grow into , for the child needs food for his imagination as well as his bodyMost children can chant Jack and Jill and Humpty Dumpty, but there is such a wealth of nursery rhymes beyond these familiar ones, that I have chosen lesser known verses, preferably those akin to poetryLittle children enjoy games and Finger Plays of the simple kind I have described,Boys and girls love stories at all ages, bu the youngest children are dependent upon adults for this delight Let us not disappoint them EILEEN COLWELL