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[[ Free E-pub ]] ⇯ Milking It (Lactation Breast Milk Sex novella) ↜ From best selling, Toperotica writer Meghan Boehners This three part series, now bundled into one big eBook, follows Jeff and Marcy as they make their way through a very rocky start to find romance When Marcy s mother and boyfriend are killed in a car crash, Marcy is left alone with heryear old, Josh and reeling from rumors that her mother and boyfriend were having an affairDetermined to finish her college degree, Marcy is aided by Jeff, who is mourning Helen s death and furious that Marcy s boyfriend, Michael, might have been sleeping with his wife, Helen Concerned for little Josh and Marcy s well being, Jeff invites them to move in with him so that Marcy can stay in college The three help each other through the grief, with Jeff slowly stepping in to be a father figure to JoshMeanwhile a growing attraction develops between Marcy and Jeff, with one obsession her milk Still breastfeeding, Marcy doesn t realize that Jeff has a kink she could fill, but he s too much the gentleman to say anythingUntil one night of passion, when the dam bursts and everyone gets soaked in all the right ways From there, Marcy and Jeff throw caution to the wind and quench their aching, full thirst for each other By the end of Milking It Marcy surprises Jeff with a mouthful that makes sucking and swallowing have a whole new meaningFor readersand older All charactersand older, with fully consensual activities