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Had to read this for school, kinda liked it I only wished that it wasthen 64 pages @DOWNLOAD EPUB ⚾ The Beast Level 3 (Cambridge English Readers) é Modern, original fiction for learners of English Talk in the local pub is of strange deaths of sheep and rumours of the return of the legendary Beast of Brynmawr Susie and Charlie are taking a break from work in London and renting a cottage in Brynmawr, where events grow stranger and stranger until it becomes clear that it is Susie the beast wants This book was surprisingly good for a beginner s English reading It is a strong and interesting story in which the building up of tension was done very well The pace of the story is also very nice, not too slow and not too revealing. it is a very good story The book have a very easy English for beginners, its a good way to begin practicing with the language and learn a couple of new words. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here pls I must read this book help me pls