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( Read Book ) Þ Adulthood Rites ì In This Sequel To Dawn, Lilith Iyapo Has Given Birth To What Looks Like A Normal Human Boy Named Akin But Akin Actually Has Five Parents A Male And Female Human, A Male And Female Oankali, And A Sexless Ooloi The Oankali And Ooloi Are Part Of An Alien Race That Rescued Humanity From A Devastating Nuclear War, But The Price They Exact Is A High One The Aliens Are Compelled To Genetically Merge Their Species With Other Races, Drastically Altering Both In The Process On A Rehabilitated Earth, This New Race Is Emerging Through Human Oankali Ooloi Mating, But There Are Also Pure Humans Who Choose To Resist The Aliens And The Salvation They Offer.These Resisters Are Sterilized By The Ooloi So That They Cannot Reproduce The Genetic Defect That Drives Humanity To Destroy Itself, But Otherwise They Are Left Alone Unless They Become Violent When The Resisters Kidnap Young Akin, The Oankali Choose To Leave The Child With His Captors, For He The Most Human Of The Oankali Children Will Decide Whether The Resisters Should Be Given Back Their Fertility And Freedom, Even Though They Will Only Destroy Themselves Again This Is The Second Volume In Octavia Butler S Xenogenesis Series, A Powerful Tale Of Alien Existence. Somewhere between the particular texture of the writing and the thought sparking brilliance of the ideas, Octavia Butler s work never fails to hook me in so far I never want to leave Like Dawn, this novel had me rambling on to friends and family about Lilith and her relationships, the Oankali and their culture.One of my friends, when I described how the Oankali feel pain when they cause it, and feel pleasure when they cause it, picked up on the theme that recurs throughout all Octavia s work that I ve read of unconditional empathy What kind of culture would people who cannot help but feel each other s emotions and sensations have The Oankali s deep appreciation of life that of all beings and their unconditional empathy explains their rescue of Earth, their unconcern with possessions that don t sustain and benefit life, their whole engagement with humans on all its fascinating levels Much of that engagement, and of the culture they are creating with humans, is sympathetic and delightful, but it has disturbing elements that set up intense tensions Because they know that humans are genetically inclined to self destructive hierarchy, they refuse to allow humans to reproduce, except with the Oankali to produce hybrid offspring Because they can feel others emotions, sometimes they use manipulation They forced you to have kids the man asked One of them surprised me, she said It made me pregnant, then told me about it Said it was giving me what I wanted but I find it oddly difficult to review an Octavia Butler book without filling it to the brim with cringe inducing sentimentality and hyperbole but I ll be damned if she doesn t make me all pensive and a touch maudlin every time I read her books I get this feeling that her kindness and compassion always seep through her books and it makes me feel a little wistful that she is no longer with us Adulthood Rites is the second volume of the Lilith s Brood trilogy In a nutshell it is the story of the last humans living under the domination of seemingly benign aliens Oankali who saved our species from extinction on an almost destroyed Earth The saved people are taken away to live on board their spaceships while the aliens clean up the Earth to make it habitable again The first book Dawn is about life on board the ship, Adulthood Rites is about mankind s return to repopulate the Earth and the price we have to pay for the alien s rescue.This second volume shifts the focus of the story to the point of view of a new protagonist Akin who is the son of Lilith lyapo, the main character of Dawn, and two other alien parents Interbreeding with the alien is the price we have to pay for being rescued from extinction The mating system is pretty weird but don t expect to read any scene of kinky threesome sexual congress For the sci fi enthusiasts there is plenty of mind blowing b This second of the series left me feeling sad for the humans who keep repeating their stupid, violent behavior Akin in trying to save them must lose himself and lose his own people. Adulthood Rites A human Oankali child is torn between two speciesOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureAdulthood Rites 1988 is the second book in Octavia Butler s XENOGENESIS trilogy It continues the story of Lilith in Dawn 1987 , a human woman revived by the alien Oankali centuries after humanity has mostly destroyed itself with nuclear weapons The Oankali offered humanity a second chance, but at a price to merge its genes with the Oankali, who are gene traders driven to continuously seek new species in the galaxy to combine their DNA with, transforming both sides in the process.10 years after the events of Dawn, Lilith has given birth to a son named Akin, the first male construct to be born to a human woman There are number of distinct groups in this newly reborn Earth Oankali who do not merge with humans and remain on their spaceship above the earth, Oankali sent down to the Earth to mate with humans in trade villages, construct children that share both human and Oankali genes, and human resisters who refuse to accept the Oankali offer and resent both Oankali and traitor humans alike.Akin is unique in that until now the Oankali have not allowed human males to be born to other humans, in order to avoid what they perceive as the agg