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@EPUB ï Lady Penelope's Christmas Charade, a Regency Romance ⛓ From best selling Regency romance novelist Lilia Birney comes a story about love at Christmas When Lady Penelope Annand s trusted servant goes missing just before Christmas, she is determined to get to the bottom of the matter Even if that means hiring a thief taker to track down her maid s whereabouts But when the darkly smoldering Pierce Howe takes charge of the situation, Penelope finds herself growing attracted to him by the second even if she s infuriated by his high handed manner Penelope gave up on Christmas wishes years ago when her first husband broke her heart, but could Pierce give her a second chance at love Pierce Howe has made a name for himself as one of London s most reliable thief takers, leaving behind his family s sordid past to create a life of his own But when Viscountess Annand, known in society as The Ice Goddess, demands that he track down her wayward maid, he receives a Christmas gift he never expected Penelope s trust His carefully constructed defenses begin crumbling as they embark on a Christmas charade to find Penelope s maid And as the Ice Goddess shows that she does indeed have a melting point, the thief taker must decide if he can risk it all and tell her the truth about his past I found this really enjoyable Both characters were very likeable and came across as realistic Will definitely readby this author. Lady Penelope s maid has gone missing, and she wants to find her She needs an investigator.Pierce Howe is an investigator, but he doesn t approve of Lady Penelope joining in his investigation though he rather likes Lady Penelope And he has a secret which Lady Penelope won t like when she finds out. 3.5 stars Nice little Regency romance, but nothing groundbreaking One complaint despite having Christmas in the title, not much Christmas stuff in here More like the story just happens to take place at Christmastime The focus wasfocused on the mystery plot.